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Who are you?

Hi, I’m Ferdi. When I was younger I used to spend time drawing and shading with my pencils for hours and hours. I later then moved on to painting miniature figures of Spacemarines and Orcs – does Warhammer 40k strike a bell? With utmost precision I tried to paint pupils as fine as hair on these figures. Therefore I always had an eye for microscopic details. It then felt natural that watches started to draw me in. For me watches are the perfect combination of design, art, craftmanship and history.

I was kind of afraid that watches might get boring after a while. It’s some mechanics, a few hands and it tells time. Should get repetitive, right? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, new things appear. Or you discover that there are hundreds of models to look at from a brand that doesn’t even exist anymore, but whose watches are still worn today. After several years of being absorbed by this wonderful topic I can say that it just stays fascinating and there are always new things to discover and talk about.

“If you really want to learn something, try to teach others.”

On this blog I want to share some knowledge about watches that you might find interesting. Often times its also just a way for me to deeply dive into a topic and share what I find. I hope you find that valuable.

Why the name “Three-Quarter Plate”?

The three-quarter plate is a characterstic part of a watch movement that mostly German watches are known for (“Dreiviertelplatine”). The top plate, which holds the inner workings of the movement, covers around three-quarters of the movement, hence the name. Servicing this kind of movement construction is a bit trickier since you can’t remove isolated components which are held together by bridges. But once you have everything assembled the old and trusted three-quarter plate provides great stability for a movement that will serve a lifetime.

I like this signature piece of watchmaking and since I also have German heritage the name “Three-Quarter Plate” just felt right. Any maybe you even learned something now.

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