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Carapaz is a Swiss company based near Neuchâtel. Founded by Product Designer Felix Rehsteiner in 2015 the idea for the company happened by accident with an accident. Felix’ smartphone fell out of his pocket and shattered on the ground. Even though it was protected by a leather case – only on the back though. The buttered toast tends to fall on the buttered side. The same happened for the phone. The unprotected display fell to the floor and cracked.

Felix came up with the idea to create a surrounding sleeve in which the phone could be inserted – the Milano case was born. Over time the portfolio of well-designed leather products grew. The same name “Carapaz” is derived from “carapace” meaning “a protective shell”. This is the company’s mission until today: protect what is valuable to you.

How it’s made

Carapaz Leather Case for Three Watches

The watch case holding three watches is incredibly well made. All stitching is finely executed and runs parallel to the shape of the case. The surrounding leather in dark brown is finely padded. When I pull this watch case out of my drawer, I’m always delighted by how soft it feels. There’s a certain weight to it and that feels good.

Carapaz Leather Case for Three Watches

Quality gets delivered not only by how something looks, but also how it feels. Whenever I deal with leather products, you’ll find me smelling it. Yes, I’m that guy holding his nose into leather shoes in the store. If the smell repels you, then you can be sure there are some cheap glues and overly chemically treated leather awaiting you. I wouldn’t want that on my skin. But this case just smells like leather should.

Carapaz Leather Case for Three Watches
The buttons close easily and hold tight. When opening the case, the pressure point is ideal and it also closes easily. No battling necessary with those buttons.
Carapaz Leather Case for Three Watches
Carapaz Leather Case for Three Watches
The cushions carrying your watches can be easily slided out of the case. There is a possibility to slide them in slightly higher, I’ll call this “exhibition mode”. I don’t know when I would need this, but if you’re ever displaying your watches at a watch nerd meetup, this might come in handy.


I’ve been through many watch cases and Carapaz is delivering one of the better ones. I always look at the usability of objects and this one nails everything. Opening, closing, inserting a watch, taking it out. And all of that put into a really well crafted package. Something that lives up to the valuable watches you’ll be keeping safe with this long-lasting case.

Where to buy?

Carapaz offers watch cases for one, two, three, four or eight watches. They ship worldwide from Switzerland. Order directly from their online shop and follow Carapaz on Instagram.

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